Friday, 27 September 2013

The grass is looking Greener... the BBC take on a new voice for the football classified results, Charlotte Green.

Green becomes the first woman ever appointed to the role of BBC's Radio 5 live announcer and she embraces the challenge ahead:

“It shouldn’t matter what gender you are, what matters is that you do a good, professional job and that’s something I aim to do. I will be nervous – it’s inevitable when you’re doing something different and new but also because the football results have this iconic place in radio history."

The classifieds were made famous by James Alexander Gordon, who sadly retired in July after nearly 40 years, undergoing throat surgery from being diagnosed with cancer. Green has been a radio presenter for over 30 years, she was once voted the most attractive female voice on national radio and reading the football results has been a dream of hers since she was a child

Growing up an avid Tottenham fan, she joins the ranks of presenters Gabby Logan and Jacqui Oatley as football enthusiasts,  making a name for themselves in the male dominated sport.

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