Thursday, 19 September 2013

She shoots, she....irons?!...

...or so German company ZDF think.

The company carelessly released an advert to promote the Women's Euro 2013 tournament this year. Instead of focusing on their national side being one of the hot favourites for the competition, they focused on producing what they called a "tongue in cheek" commercial.

Germany are the only country to have won the men and women's World Cup, and the women's side are one of the most successful teams in history. So for an advert to portray a woman sitting delicately on top of a household applicance in a crisp, clean uniform, rather than show her on a football field, displaying her skills, it's rather degrading. I can't imagine if it was an advert for the men's national side, that it'd be so offensive.

Quit with the gender stereotypes already, women can play football, get over it!

See the full video here:

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