Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Sexism in football...

...Gabby Logan reveals all.

Last year, Gabby Logan presented an in depth documentary exploring the issue of sexism in the beautiful game. The FA have spent a lot of money over the years to try an kick out racism and homophobia within the game, running projects and campaigns to highlight the problems that exist. Yet the issue of sexism within football continues to be tolerated, mainly down to the assumptions that it's a "man's game".

Speaking about her reasons to make the programme, Logan said: “The sport has been so male-dominated for so long that you’re going to get people who will have to break ground and encounter things for the first time. 
Any women working in football will have had their share of crude and lewd things said to them that just wouldn’t happen in any other industry. But all the same, some of what we discovered was shocking…”

Women have been verbally, physically and sexually harrassed, whether its in the club, on the terraces, in board meetings or other areas. Nobody wants to be a whistleblower, especially when the perpetrators are high profile names with the ability to cover their actions.

On a personal level, it doesn't just happen at the highest levels-the professional football clubs or the media world. It happens on the streets, in parks, schools, junior clubs. Children are still being brought up believing football is for boys and dressing up is for girls. For a young girl to take to the sport and actually enjoy it, she's seen as a tomboy. Judged through her childhood because of wanting studs instead of heels, a ponytail instead of pretty hair accessories, scruffy sports clothing instead of the latest fashion. I know that's not always the case, but it's still an obvious root cause of sexism I believe, the early years. For as long as football is male dominated, females will always be fighting to prove themselves. Start with the youths, educate them and integrate them. Kick it out!

See the below link for Gabby's amazing documentary:
Watch Sexism in Football? (2012) Online Free - Watch Free Movies Online

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